After School Activities

Interested in an after school class for your child? Below are the current options offered in conjunction with the PTA. If there’s something you’d like to see offered, please contact

KidzArt Classes

KidzArt is a FUN, art-enrichment program designed to enhance drawing skills and build each child’s confidence. By using our simple drawing method and specialized format, students will learn to focus, relax and think creatively. Our Certified Instructors help students create original works of art, take risks and think outside of the box. Within each session, students will explore a variety of artist grade materials, such as oil and chalk pastels, watercolor, charcoal, clay, copper, textured papers and much more. Younger children practice following directions and using fine motor skills. Older children love having the creative freedom and guidance to further their skills. KidzArtists will bring home a new masterpiece each week with kid-tested and educationally rich curriculum that NEVER REPEAT!

Thursdays, 3:50 p.m.-5:10 p.m. (no class when school is not in session)

Late Fall: Nov. 14-Jan. 30
Winter: Feb. 6-April 30
Spring: May 7-June 11

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Spanish Immersion Program with The Language & Cultural Club (TLCC)

Students will learn the Spanish language and culture through immersion, music, and play-based activities. NEW thematic units each session!
Spring 2020
  • 8-week session starting on March 18, 2020. Grades K to 5.
  • Day: Wednesdays
  • Dates: March 18, April 1, 15, 22, 29, May 6, 13, and 20, 2020.
  • Make-up day for inclement weather: May 20.
  • No class: March 25 (science fair) or April 8 (Spring Break)
  • Classrooms: Art Room A119 for Grades K-2, and Art Room A130 for Grades 3-5
  • Tuition: $150/per student
  • Online registration for spring will start on January 2, 2020. The registration deadline is March 15, 2020. To register: Visit

Waverly Chess Club, Wednesdays

Chess club is taught by experienced Silver Knights instructors using a curriculum developed by National Masters. Each weekly session is a mix of learning and play. Playing chess is a great way to develop a child’s critical thinking skills, sportsmanship, and patience — all while having fun!

  • All grades and skill levels welcome.
  • All equipment provided.
  • Dates: Club meets every Wednesday that school is in session starting 3/30 and ending 5/27.
  • Club does not meet on 4/8.
  • Time: 3:50—4:50 PM
  • Tuition: $116 for 8 weeks

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Waverly Coding Club, Mondays

Game Design: Arcade Action: In Silver Knights Coding clubs, children in grades 2 and up learn to code using a visual programming language called Scratch. It’s as easy to use as snapping together building blocks! The Arcade Action unit shows kids how to program their own take on classic arcade games like Pong, Tanks, and Snake! Game on! With Scratch, children learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

  • Grades 2 & up–only 12 spots open!
  • All computers and equipment provided
  • Dates: Club meets every Monday that school is in session starting 3/30 and ending 6/8.
  • Club does not meet on 4/6, 4/13, and 5/25.
  • Time: 3:50—4:50 PM
  • Tuition: $176 for 8 weeks

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Waverly Robotics Club, Tuesdays

Critters and Creatures: Build, code and have fun with LEGO® WeDo 2.0. Enhance kids’ curiosity and science skills with Silver Knights Robotics. Students will explore robotics with LEGO® bricks, easy-to-use coding software and engaging STEM challenges. Critters and Creatures is the unit for you if you’re interested in things that crawl, buzz and bite!

  • Grades 1 & up
  • All tablets and LEGO® bricks provided.
  • Days: Club meets every Tuesday that school is in session starting 3/31 and ending 6/2.
  • Club does not meet on 4/6 and 4/28.
  • Time: 3:50—4:50 PM
  • Tuition: $176 for 8 weeks

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